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    Jul 23, 2024  
2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Edward S. Ageno School of Business

The Ageno School of Business offers programs designed for working adults seeking to advance in their careers and achieve their life goals. We offer the widest range of master’s degrees and certificates in business in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the most highly demanded business, technological, nonprofit and governmental areas, including business data analytics, finance, human resource management, leadership, information technology management, management, marketing, public relations, project management, supply chain management, psychology and public administration. Our programs open the door to new career opportunities, helping students achieve their life goals.

Through intensive case studies, business simulations in-depth study of business, nonprofit and public management concepts and practical application, the degree programs at the Ageno School of Business give students the hands-on knowledge and effective skills that can make an immediate difference on the job.

Relevant Education

Business and governments evolve, and so do we. The programs we offer are constantly updated to reflect current trends and practices, providing students with the most relevant know-how.

GGU offers three programs designed to hone general managerial and leadership skills: our Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, our Masters in Leadership and the Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA).

The two different graduate business administration programs meet the needs of our busy, working students: our integrated MBA and executive MBA (EMBA). The integrated MBA program builds leadership skills throughout the program, provides an integrated perspective of management, and allows students  to tailor the program to specific career interests and goals with one of 12 concentrations. Concentrations include business data analytics, entrepreneurship, project management and the option to design a concentration. The Executive MBA program provides mid-level managers and above with an opportunity to learn and develop the management skills that will enable them to excel in today’s competitive environment. With the cohort structure, students learning is shared and enhanced by the experiences of peers. Engaged mentorship by faculty and the program director also provides the necessary support for student success.

The Masters in Leadership is designed to teach students leadership skills that are critical to harnessing and directing the talents of a diverse workforce - critical skills such as adaptive decision-making, designing and leading complex change, and leveraging business data - plus soft skills that help influence decisions, build emotional intelligence, and bring out the best performance in employees. Coursework is based on extensive input from corporate partners, industry groups, leading scholars, and leverages the university’s decades-long successes in developing high achieving leaders in the innovative crucible of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The EMPA is designed to support careers in the government and non-profit sectors, and has recently added a Law Enforcement & Security concentration in addition to the Judicial Administration concentration.

GGU offers a dedicated master’s degree in counseling psychology and one in industrial-organizational psychology.

The information technology management and project management programs provide an integration of business and information technology to give professionals the flexibility to understand as well as manage the wide range of technology issues and tools that drive the contemporary enterprise.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics presents students with an understanding of the many possibilities for applying data analytics to business problems. Data analytics, and the implications of this strategic discipline, give practitioners new opportunities for discovering insights that can support the strategic goals and decision making of the organization. GGU’s Masters in marketing degree features a concentration in digital and online marketing and includes core teamwork and critical thinking skills so that graduates not only develop an understanding of key marketing practices, but also learn the practical skills required to work in a marketing organization.

With the addition of a new final capstone course in the MS in financial planning degree, students in our financial planning program will work with live clients to develop and deliver comprehensive financial plans.

GGU encourages students to participate in appropriate internship programs as a way to bring more professionally focused practice into their educational experience. By graduation day, students will have the needed preparation and confidence to succeed.

Students are also encouraged to bring work projects into the classroom or online discussion rooms for in-depth analysis and exchange, for the opportunity to receive assistance from peers and a fresh perspective on the issues faced daily.

Consistent with the university’s focus on business-professional education, GGU also offers the only doctoral program for working professionals in the Bay Area.

Quality and Convenience

We recognize that for students juggling the responsibilities of work, family and school, time is very valuable. To meet the demanding schedules of working professionals, classes are conveniently offered online or in person in the evenings and on weekends. Students have the choice to complete their MBA or MS degree programs either all online, all in person, or a combination of the two. The Executive Master of Public Administration and MS in human resource management programs can now also be completed at the Silicon Valley location.


  • Faculty are practitioners who do what they teach.
  • Wide selection of relevant, professionally oriented bachelor and master’s degrees and certificate programs.
  • Flexible programs for working professionals: in person and online.

For further information about the Edward S. Ageno School of Business, please contact:

Edward S. Ageno School of Business
Golden Gate University
536 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-2968
Phone: 415-442-6500
Fax: 415-442-6579

Graduate Business Programs

The Edward S. Ageno School of Business offers relevant programs in our continuing effort to help working adults prepare for today’s competitive, rapidly changing global marketplace. With high-quality, in-depth instruction from practicing professionals, students will be able to apply what they learn today in the workplace tomorrow. We offer graduate degrees in business administration, business analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, information technology management, leadership, marketing, psychology and public administration, as well as several graduate certificates. In addition, our Master of Business Administration degree allows students to focus on an area of special interest with a choice of 13 different concentrations.


Business Administration
Because today’s companies want managers who understand technology, know how to lead and can motivate their work forces, these abilities are regularly emphasized throughout GGU’s business administration and management programs. To succeed, students will need skill sets that help them stay current over time in this rapidly changing arena. The evolving global marketplace of today is highly competitive; it demands a new kind of executive. Students will develop a deep grounding in business theory along with first-rate leadership skills, technological sophistication, a keen understanding of human behavior and the ability to motivate - not dominate - coworkers. GGU’s business administration programs are designed to make our graduates leaders who stand out in a crowd.

Business Analytics
The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree program presents students with an understanding of the many possibilities for applying data analytics to business problems. Data analytics, and the implications of this strategic discipline, give practitioners new opportunities for discovering insights that can support the strategic goals and decision making of the organization. The discipline has grown so fast that it is impossible to address all of its elements, so this degree should be viewed as a “toolkit” of statistical and analytic theory, processes, tools, and techniques, which can be integrated into the business depending on the discipline and needed outcomes.

Finance experts are among the most valued employees in any corporation. Many CEOs trace their academic and professional roots back to finance, a reflection of the strategic perspective that this discipline provides. Whatever the student’s intended destination in the rapidly changing world of finance, from investments and portfolio management to corporate strategy and financial services, GGU’s finance curriculum delivers the tools necessary for success in his/her career. Today’s financial experts increasingly depend on the sophisticated analytical techniques that are an integral part of our courses. Our goal is to help students develop the creative decision-making skills that they will need to move ahead in the global, technology-based world of finance. With our emphasis on professional-practice education, we offer an unwavering focus on how they can be better managers.

Financial Planning
Those who are considering careers in financial planning will enjoy thinking about the extraordinary advantages of this profession. These include flexibility in hours and working conditions, excellent compensation, and strong and growing demand for planners’ services (providing, as a result, outstanding employment opportunities). These advantages are widely acknowledged and help to ensure that financial planning always ranks near the top of surveys on the most desirable jobs. But the profession offers several other appealing qualities that are less often mentioned but perhaps even more significant to its practitioners: the opportunity to use their talent and education to make significant positive changes in their clients’ lives; and the intellectual and emotional satisfaction that comes from blending technical, quantitative, and analytical abilities with highly developed skills in communication, psychology and human relations. GGU’s graduate financial planning degrees and certificates will help them to cultivate those skills and abilities. Golden Gate offers one of the oldest and most highly regarded financial planning programs in the country. For those already in the profession, our program is designed to take their established careers to a higher level; and for those just entering the field, we will prepare them to launch a successful and rewarding new career.

Human Resource Management
The effective, strategic use of human resources is critical to business success. Business profitability requires increasingly versatile skill sets that are regularly updated. Companies need more innovative and creative employees. Employees need companies that make effective use of their talents and abilities. Global teams need to interact and work across cultures to attain competitive advantage. GGU’s leading-edge human resource management program is carefully structured to give students the foundation and in-depth training they will need as a human resource or personnel manager. Through our innovative curriculum, students gain a thorough, hands-on understanding of what is happening in the marketplace; why it is happening; what the future trends may be; and how to positively affect the leading and managing of human resources in a changing, international business climate.

Information Technology Management
The convergence of people, business processes and technology is the driving force in business today. In the 21st century, business and information technologies are increasingly interdependent in creating value across the enterprise. These realities put a premium on professionals whose education provides both theoretical and applied skills. The MS ITM curriculum is grounded in the four foundational components of IT: 1) software, 2) infrastructure, 3) network/communications, and 4) data. Instructors with extensive field experience at some of the Bay Area’s top companies present courses that address strategic application of the foundation while integrating emerging technologies, e.g. unstructured data analytics, cloud services, virtualization, mobile platforms, and social media. By graduation, students will have an in-depth knowledge of IT systems and the skills to effectively manage their use in support of business objectives.

Marketing and Public Relations
The increased pace of business today has changed the rules about how organizations communicate with their markets. GGU’s Marketing and Public Relations Department monitors the developing trends in the marketplace and the concurrent changes in marketing education they make necessary. In that way, we provide students with a first-rate marketing education that’s both cutting-edge and grounded in the strong foundation skills they must have to compete in today’s business environment. Students will learn to identify issues relating to international marketing and technology, and create new solutions to them. We offer a range of courses so they can develop a deeper level of expertise in a number of marketing areas. Through case studies of real-life problems, students develop analytical and communication skills while learning marketing classes along with acquiring marketing concepts for business in the 21st century.

The study of psychology prepares individuals for some of today’s top employment opportunities. As businesses have come to recognize the importance of teamwork, good leadership and organizational flexibility, the need for psychologically-trained professionals has increased. Throughout society, there is also a growing demand for counselors, therapists, mediators, consultants and other psychologically-oriented professionals. GGU’s psychology degrees are unique in their flexibility and their emphasis on the real-world application of psychological theory. We offer combined concentrations and certificates that allow our student to customize their degree to match their existing experience and the future trends of the workplace.

Project Management
The Master of Science in Project Management meets the need for focused graduate study in this growing discipline. Business leaders are becoming more aware that project alignment with organizational goals will increasingly drive business value. Students will graduate with project management skills that emphasize the need for an integrated relationship with business function areas. Our degrees and certificate in project management provide formal training that prepares graduates to manage local, outsourced, and global projects. Attention is paid to developing “soft skills,” which are needed for success in working in and among the multiple and diverse communities within the business organization.

Public Administration
The professional practice of public management is an art as well as a science. Today’s successful leaders in the public or nonprofit sector need intuition, creative problem-solving abilities and self-confidence, knowledge of the discipline, and communication and analytical skills. Since the 1960s, GGU has offered a public administration degree program of exceptional quality and academic rigor for the working student. Our Executive Master of Public Administration program prepares the student for a leadership role in the management of government and nonprofit agencies. This program will provide an in-depth study of public administration and train students on the skills and tools they will need to become a successful contributor to local, state and federal government and public service agencies, nonprofit organizations and international institutions. Some executive MPA program students have won prestigious awards, such as the Presidential Management Fellowship. GGU has been a National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) institutional member since 1973 and has a chartered Pi Alpha Alpha (public administration national honors society) chapter.


Doctor of Business Administration

Master of Arts

Master of Business Administration

Custom Master of Business Administration (Corporate Sponsored)

Executive Master of Business Administration

Master of Public Administration

Master of Science

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Credential