May 29, 2023  
2022-2023 Law School Student Handbook 
2022-2023 Law School Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

What’s New

The changes below have been made since the 2022-2023 Law School Student Handbook PDF  was published on June 2, 2022.

Revised Policy:

  • The graduation honors categories for Graduate Law Programs  was revised to be consistent with the university’s graduate-level programs.

Revised Programs:

  • Estate Planning Law Certificate  was reduced from 13 units to 10 units and elective requirement was eliminated.
  • JD Programs: Upper Division Experiential Requirement - Updated to reflect 2 units required from LAW 834C, LAW 776C or LAW 885B
  • JD Programs: Upper Division Writing Requirement - Decreased to 2 units; revised requirement language
  • JD Programs: LAW 732 Appellate Advocacy  Added as required Upper Division course starting with entering class Fall 2022
  • JD Programs: Student Learning Outcomes added to all JD programs.
  • LLM Programs: Student Learning Outcomes added to all LLM programs.
  • SJD Programs: Student Learning Outcomes added to the International Legal Studies, SJD.

Inactive Programs:

New Courses:


LAW 706P Lawyering: Privacy Law & Lawyering Fundamentals  

LAW 710B White Collar Crime in Practice   

LAW 766A Comparative Environmental Protection  

LAW 767A Comparative Racial & Social Justice Law  

LAW 804A Advanced Evidence  

LAW 804L Evidence Lab  

LAW 819 Legal Technology & Innovation  

LAW 823S Privacy Law Practicum   

LAW 823U Privacy Law Practicum II  

LAW 826E Bankruptcy  

LAW 827C Venture Capital  

LAW 834J Race and Property  

LAW 842H Constitutional Issues in Immigration Law  

LAW 845D Unseen Hand of Insurance in the Law  

LAW 845F Reimagining Criminal Justice  

LAW 849 International Human Rights Seminar  

LAW 849A Tech, Bus & Human Rights Emerging World  

LAW 865S Problem Solving in Public Interest Law  

LAW 899L Competition: USD Nat’l Criminal Procedure  


LAWU 396 Selected Topics in Law Studies  

LAWU 399 Directed Study   


Revised Courses:


LAW 897L Introduction to Criminal Litigation : Prerequisites were revised.