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2018-2019 Law School Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Law School Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LAW - 844 Introduction to International Human Rights: U.S.A. Laws and Policies

2 unit(s)
This course provides an introduction to basic human rights principles, instruments and institutions. In particular it will examine several current issues within their historical context in the United States, in addition to new ones that may unfold throughout the semester. It will begin with historical origins of the human rights regime, and in particular the role the US played in the adoption of historic human rights declarations, agreements, and treaties. We will examine key political organs, such as the Security Council and the Human Rights Council, and the bodies monitoring a state’s treaty obligations. For the US, this will be based on its treaty ratifications and other agreements to abide by international human rights. Examples of current US legislation and policies will illustrate some of the key human rights issues for our in-depth class discussions and their impact on human lives. We continue to examine the relationship between international human rights laws and US constitutional principles. Issues such as refugees and cross-border migration, women’s rights, extreme poverty, and the right to health care, that include discussion of both traditional civil and political rights, along with economic, social and cultural rights.

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