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    Jun 20, 2024  
2018-2019 Law School Student Handbook 
2018-2019 Law School Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Communication

Student Email Accounts

All students are required to have a valid email and mailing address on file with the Registrar’s Office at all times. Email is the primary mode of communication with students. All students are required to check this email account regularly. Students should send messages from the addresses on record in order to verify their identities. Students who send messages from addresses other than those that are on record will not be given confidential information.

Law School News

Law School News (LSN) is a weekly newsletter published by the School of Law. Students are required to read LSN on a regular basis to keep up to date on important policies, deadlines, and time-sensitive information. In addition, the Student Handbook is subject to change at any time during the year. Students will be notified of changes to the handbook through notices in LSN.

Aside from providing important administrative information about policies, courses, examinations, deadlines, review sessions, etc., LSN includes announcements of social events, on-campus speakers, career development programs, and other important news. All notices published in LSN are considered to have been communicated to all students.

LSN is published weekly during the fall and spring terms while classes are in session. It is distributed via email to all law students’ registered e-mail accounts. LSN also is available on the “Organizations & Student Life” section of the Student Support website behind the GGU4YOU login.

Faculty, staff, and student organizations may submit announcements for publication in LSN pursuant to the guidelines posted under the “Organizations & Student Life” section of the Student Support website.


GGU4YOU is the university’s online service system which is accessed from the website, www.ggu.eduUser accounts are created automatically at the time of admission. User names and passwords are sent to students’ e-mail address on record at the time of account creation. Students who do not receive their GGU4YOU account information or have any other questions may e-mail for assistance.

Students may use the GGU4YOU system to update their address and contact information, view course schedules, register for courses, get their exam number, see their grades, view degree program evaluations, order transcripts, view financial aid information, and make credit card payments.

GGU4YOU is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but access to registration and adding/dropping courses is subject to the published priority registration dates. Although traditional in-person services are available, students are strongly encouraged to use GGU4YOU for registration and other matters.

Flyers & Digital Signage

Members of the GGU Community may post approved flyers in authorized locations and submit materials to be displayed on the second and third floor digital signs in accordance with the policies and procedures posted under the “Organizations & Student Life” section of the Student Support website..

Student Messages and Announcements

Changes in classroom locations or times, class meeting cancellations, and other important notices will be posted outside the classroom door and/or emailed to affected students as needed.


Each law student may be assigned the use of one individual on-campus locker at no charge. Lockers are assigned randomly during new student orientation, or may be requested during the year by contacting Law School, Student Affairs. Locker assignments typically remain the same throughout a student’s career at GGU, but the administration reserves the right to change student lockers if needed. Advanced notification will be provided prior to any such change. There is no seniority or priority for any students for locker size or location, with the exception of students with a verified disability. Students are not permitted to use more than one locker or to use a different locker than the one assigned. Student Affairs reserves the right to cut locks and remove belongings kept in unauthorized lockers without prior notification. GGU is not responsible for items kept in unlocked or unauthorized lockers. Confiscated belongings will be held for one week only. Unclaimed items will be destroyed or donated.

Lockers must remain locked at all times. If Student Affairs or security staff observes a locker unlocked after the second week of the academic year, they may lock the locker. It is then the student’s responsibility to contact Student Affairs to reclaim the locker. Students must relinquish their assigned lockers on the last day of final exams of their last academic term, unless granted an extension by Student Affairs. GGU is not responsible for any belongings left in locked or unlocked lockers after rights have been relinquished upon withdrawal, disqualification, or graduation.

Food, beverages, and used food containers may not be stored in lockers at any time.

Violation of these rules, including tampering with lockers, graffiti, or use of stickers, is strictly prohibited and may forfeit the student’s right to use a locker and/or result in discipline under the Standards of Student Conduct.

Health Insurance

GGU Law does not provide nor require students to have health insurance. However, you are strongly encouraged to have coverage throughout law school. Accidents and illnesses can happen, and having insurance can help you keep your focus on law school and avoid large medical bills.