Apr 18, 2021  
2021-2022 Catalog-Draft 
2021-2022 Catalog-Draft


The Otto and Velia Butz University Libraries at Golden Gate University include two operations - a Business Library and a Law Library. The spaces in each library are open to all GGU students, but the resources and research assistance available in each are tied to the particular disciplines served. The Business Library area is designed for quiet conversation and collaboration and the Law Library areas are zoned for quiet study.

The Business Library

The Business Library provides an array of services and resources that help students develop information literacy skills and technological competence leading to academic success and the ability to perform effective research well after graduation.

The Business Library’s collections cover all disciplines taught at the university and include professional practitioner materials graduates would expect to use in career settings. Resources include more than 100 research databases, 200,000 e-books, 55,000 eJournals, selected textbooks and online course reserves available to currently enrolled students on-site and remotely. The library also maintains a large collection of print books and other materials related to the university’s curriculum and an interlibrary loan service that greatly expands offerings beyond the immediate collection.

Librarians provide group research instruction via in-person and online classes and workshops and are available for individual research assistance on a drop-in basis during regular hours, by appointment, and via email, phone and instant messenger.

More information about the Business Library’s services and resources, including operating hours, can be found here: http://www.ggu.edu/libraries/business-library/

The Law Library

The Law Library contains over 300,000 volumes and subscribes to more than 1,200 legal periodicals and journals. The Law Library collection includes special sections on tax law, law and literature, and international law. The Law Library is equipped with a computer lab that provides access to Lexis, Bloomberglaw, and Westlaw, as well as a selection of online legal databases such as Hein-Online, CEB Onlaw, IntelliConnect, Checkpoint, and CALI (an interactive educational tool), plus the Internet. Wireless and wired network access is available throughout the Law Library.

The knowledgeable and helpful staff is always available to answer questions and give training on the best research methods.

Please call the Law Library at 415-442-6680 for hours or assistance.

More information about the Law Library’s services and resources, including operating hours, can be found at: http://law.ggu.edu/law-library.

Library Access Policies

Access to the libraries is limited to the following:

  • GGU students who are currently enrolled or who were enrolled the previous term.
  • Full-time faculty.
  • Part-time faculty during the term in which they are teaching and the terms immediately preceding and following that term.
  • University trustees.
  • GGU staff.
  • GGU alumni.
  • Corporate and individual members who have paid an annual fee.
  • Courtesy card holders.
  • Persons who need to access U.S. Government Printing Office materials.

A valid GGU identification card is required to enter the library. Library cards are nontransferable. For more information about access, call 415-442-7242 or 415-442-6680.