Mar 24, 2019  
2018-2019 Catalog 
2018-2019 Catalog

School of Undergraduate Studies

In the School of Undergraduate Studies, all of our degrees help adult students develop the key personal and professional skills they will need for success in the changing workplace. Our programs promote student employability, adaptability, and self-esteem through comprehensive and on-going support. Coursework in the liberal arts provides a strong educational foundation for lifelong learning while emphasizing practical business applications. Combining knowledge from different fields, students develop the capacity to think critically and creatively for a successful experience in our Associate’s degree or our Bachelor’s program in either Business (BSB) or Management (BAM).  Our Business degree nine different concentrations, and our Management degree offers five different concentrations. We also offer ine different undergraduate certificate. All our degrees and certificates are available entirely online or one can elect to take them in person (or a mix or both online and in-person formats).


Associate of Arts (AA) in General Studies

The associate of arts in general studies is the ideal degree program for working adult students who have a minimal number of academic credits earned and who seek a milestone of achievement while working toward the bachelor’s degree. Coursework develops skills and knowledge outcomes in communication, critical thinking, information literacy and quantitative fluency.

Bachelor of Arts in Management (BAM)

A business program that provides a strong business core without requiring an extensive level of math or statistics, the BAM prepares students for the MS in human resources, the MA in counseling psychology, the MA in industrial-organizational psychology, the EMPA and the MS in integrated marketing communications. Students can choose a general course of study or one of the following five concentrations: human resource management, information technology management, marketing, public administration leadership, or general studies.

Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB)

A business program with strong analytical and quantitative skills requirements, the BSB provides students with a direct track to the MBA, MS in finance, MA in counseling psychology, MA in industrial-organizational psychology, MS in taxation or MS in marketing, as well as prepares students for careers in the following nine concentrations: accounting, finance, human resource management, information technology management, international business, marketing, operations and supply chain management, public administration leadership, or general studies.

Support to Complete Your Degree

The first course for every undergraduate student at GGU is the Gateway to Success. In this class, students will bring together professional and academic goals to create a comprehensive career development plan. Through the use of self-assessment tools, social networking, and time management exercises and an academic plan, students will have a concrete graduation date and clear plan of action to reach their goals.

One-on-one tutoring is available to GGU students in the Writing Lab and the Math Lab, and online through the Online Writing Lab (OWL) and the Math Online Tutor Help (MOTH). These free services are staffed by GGU instructors and trained professional tutors who are dedicated to help students succeed.


  • Relevant, practical, professionally-focused education
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • In the heart of San Francisco’s thriving world of business and innovation
  • Personalized attention from start to finish




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